Flight Attendant

I have moved 37 times in my lifetime! I went to Colorado State and Arizona State Universities, but after my second year, I became an international flight attendant and flew for 20 years. I have family and friends all over the world. Winning Mrs. Indiana and placing first in ad sales for Mrs. America was a highlight in my life.

My church is very important to me, and I’m currently serving on the board and as a delegate for our foreign mission council. I served with 16 other singles from around the world on a mission to Sri Lanka. I hope to go to Africa or Chile or both! My best friend is my Great Dane, Zeus, and we are often seen together at events, enjoying the beach, working or just walking around downtown Naples and meeting people. I love the arts and theatre and have modeled and acted since I was a teen. I became a single mom when my daughters were 9 and 11, and we are very close now. My girls and three grandsons are my great joy!

I started my LegalShield business in 2002, when Harland Stonecipher was at the helm. I recommend that you read his book, The Pre-Paid Legal Story. Harland was my friend and my hero. When I earned my LegalShield Ring, I told him that he was more like Jesus than any man I’d ever met. I don’t ever want to forget him and where we’ve come from in LegalShield.

Today, I am living my dream life. I am humbled and grateful. I would not be here without LegalShield. I am thankful for both the service and the opportunity. I have been through a lot of trials, and not only have I survived, I’ve thrived! In my journey, I’ve lost two men, three homes and four cars. I’ve broken my back, had knee surgery, a tumor removed and five hip surgeries. I have been sued, been audited eight times, been through two bankruptcies, lost all my money and moved 16 times, just since I started my LegalShield business! I can honestly say that I am a better person because of the trials. There are those who come and go, but the ones who stay and reach down to help us up, are the ones who become embedded in our hearts. There are so many in LegalShield who care. Thank you, all of you who have touched my life.

Initially, I joined LegalShield for the financial opportunity; I stayed because of the relationships and the mission! Personal development is critical because we are not taught to believe we can do anything; however, personal development teaches us that we can! Life is a journey; it’s not the destination. If we keep our seat belts on during the turbulence, we will reach our destination safely! The Bible is my number one personal development book, and it says, “Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Our Performance Club program is also critical! Some months I wanted to quit, but I wasn’t about to let go of my bonus. It motivated me to sell memberships, even while hospitalized. In 2010, while I was healing from hip surgery, my business earned out, and $18,000 was deposited into my checking account! Then in 2012, I had both hips replaced and could not work the whole year, and I still earned $57,000! Residual income is real, and if you stay Performance Club qualified and read your personal development, you will succeed!