Business Owner

Our story is very much like many of yours, I’m sure. We had dreams of owning our own companies. I had always been very successful at making other people a lot of money. Oh, I got the jacket, the pins and the picture on the wall for top sales, but I never got a share of the profits when the dust settled. In July 1980, I broke away from corporate America and started my first business—a maid service. In the 10 years to come, we started a janitorial business, which we owned for 18 years, a carpet-cleaning company, a lighting company and three other ventures I would rather forget about. I tried playing the stock market and did so badly that I switched to day trading of futures, which Ellen refers to as my INSANE days!

I share all of this with you because I want you to realize that we were searching for what was going to retire US, what was going to take care of US and what we could build that we could leave for our children that would take care of THEM. I knew it had to be out there. I knew in my heart there was a solution. I owed it to my wife and children and now our grandchildren to find it, start it, do it, build it and maybe in the future sell it.

In the spring of 1996, a good friend of mine introduced me to the networking industry. I went home so excited. I spent the next three years trying to build my organization in that company. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. But the education I received, the training from our leaders, the knowledge I gained about the industry and the friends I made, I could never repay them for. But I could not make any money, and I nearly lost everything. I had to move on.

I spent the next 14 months as the Vice President of Sales for Zane Publishing. I traveled the country speaking and educating consumers on electronic educational software before I sold that company as that is what I was hired to do. So once again, I found myself on the search for what I was going to do next.

My good friend Eddie Burford invited me to a regional rally for LegalShield in Dallas. I was determined I was not going to do this again. I listened to their pitch. I listened to their testimonials. I saw a lot of old friends there, and I heard that little voice inside me say, “Just one more time,” and the other little voice inside me said, “Ellen’s going to kill you!” I went home and told Ellen I joined LegalShield, she cried, got mad and did not speak to me for several days. You see, she did not want me to get hurt again. She had seen networking let us down and nearly financially destroy us. But in my heart of hearts I loved the industry, and I told myself that LegalShield was the right company.

So here we are 20 years later—WOW—we have been as high as Platinum Executive Directors multiple times; our team has grown amazingly large; we’ve received our Rings, our Production Achievement awards and our Platinum Jackets; we’ve been inducted into the Millionaire Club; and we continue to earn an awesome income every year.

In January 2015, our debit balance paid out, so we now receive full residual income in addition to our regular commissions and overrides. It is amazing! So when people ask, “Does LegalShield work?”—our answer is, “We think so!” 

God bless you!