In 2002, I was financially challenged and in need of significant change.

I was living on my own, enrolled full-time in college and working three jobs. October 2002, I was introduced to LegalShield by my mother. I saw great value in having the service; however, the opportunity for a better future made my decision to get involved with LegalShield easy.

I immediately began working the business part-time, with the goal of retiring from corporate America before I turned 35. By the grace of God, I left corporate America when I was just 32 years old! It’s truly a blessing to see the expansion of my business stretch across America. My wife and I became the first of our generation in our family to build a home. We give to various ministries as well as invest into businesses that will secure our financial future and even our children’s future.

LegalShield has spoiled us with bonus trips to many places—from Jamaica to St. Regis. We are excited to be the example that freedom and peace of mind are attainable. I want to thank the entire team. We stand on the shoulders of some incredible people. We want to thank Mr. Darnell Self, Mr. Mike Humes, Mr. and Mrs. Owens and the Team NuVision family for your amazing leadership. Remember, Galatians 6:7-9 says, “It is impossible to sow good seeds on good ground and NOT reap a harvest.”