Having peace of mind for my family and me is already the greatest gift we can have as parents of three. Prior to LegalShield, I got involved in another networking company, and one of my clients referred me to Sergio Siacunco, a Bronze Executive Director here in Hawaii. I was so amazed and excited about the services that LegalShield offers for a very low cost and for a very high value, I referred him to my friends, and he signed them up. Then Mr. Siacunco asked me if I wanted to make extra income. During that time, I didn’t know anything about the compensation plan. What I did know was the great service, so he showed me the business side. And I got even more excited!

Thanks to LegalShield, I’ve sent my two daughters to college. My LegalShield business pays for their tuition. It’s really a good feeling, and my husband, Jeremias, who’s a stay-at-home dad, is able to drive a nice car because of LegalShield. Last but not least, we’ve moved to a different zip code. We got approved to take out a loan to buy a new home because of the income from LegalShield added to my income from my full-time job.

I tell new associates just to keep on moving forward, stay hungry all the time, be coachable, and your “why” must be stronger than your FEARS.