A Man Was Stuck in a Whale’s Mouth for 30 Seconds. Here’s The Lesson Buried in These Waters

june 23, 2021 | estate planning
A Man Was Stuck in a Whale’s Mouth for 30 Seconds. Here’s The Lesson Buried in These Waters:

Not exactly a "whale of a time": A lobster diver has quite the story...

Earlier this month, a lobster diver named Michael Packard dove 45 feet into the Cape Cod waters and found more than just the familiar crustaceans.  Suddenly, he said, a whale scooped him up into its mouth.

He felt around in the dark, he explained, and for a moment he thought he had encountered a shark but quickly realized it was a whale. Michael believed he was going to be swallowed and killed. After 30-40 seconds of pure panic, though, the whale spat him out. Packard somehow made it out with only bruises and no broken bones, but it could have been much worse.

There's a lesson buried deep in the waters of this story.

Michael Packard got very, very lucky. Experts say if it went 20 other different ways, he could have been killed by the massive animal.

The reality is that while this story in particular is extremely rare, unforeseen accidents in general happen all the time, and others aren’t as lucky. Car or other vehicle accidents, fires, sudden illness, strokes…thousands of unexpected deaths happen every year, and it’s tragic.

That’s why we encourage you to be prepared for all of life’s unanticipated events. Creating a Will is a critical step to take toward this effort.

Why it's so important to have a Will in place, in case of these kinds of events.

If you were to unexpectedly pass without having a Will in place, your loved ones may bear the brunt of the consequences.

If you don’t have the legal documentation designating who will care for your minor children if you die, for example, the court will have to decide. No one knows your children better than you — so would you want someone else to make that decision? Probably not.

Additionally, when you die without a Will, you are considered “intestate”, which means the laws of the state will direct how to divide your estate. This could mean everything you own — your home, belongings, and pets — will not be designated according to your wishes.

With the LegalShield mobile app, you can begin making a Will by answering just a few questions.

The big lesson in this story is that tomorrow is not promised, and it’s crucial to plan for the unknown, for your family’s sake.

With that said, there is good news: Making a Will doesn’t have to be daunting. LegalShield Members can download our mobile app, answer a few questions, and create a Will in record time.

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