National Make A Will Month: Create Yours Now

august 10, 2020 | estate planning
lawyer helping man write his Will

Preparing Your Will 

Summer has earned itself the reputation of being the “Fun Aunt” of all the seasons – easygoing, carefree and entertaining. Especially amid a global pandemic while in quarantine, you’ve had more time for grilling, more time to read that book that’s been anxiously sitting on your nightstand for the past six months, and more time to dabble in your hobbies.

But you know what else this downtime is great for? Crossing things off the to-do list. And we don’t mean the “Shows I Need To Watch” to-do list.   

And while making a Will can seem like the nagging chore you’ve been avoiding all year, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you use your resources wisely, preparing your Will does not have to be complicated.

Regardless of where you are in your estate planning, there are certain things you can do now that can save you time, money, and legal issues for your loved ones down the road.

Organize your thoughts and draft your wishes early.

Despite what you see in movies, you don’t have to be the wealthy, elderly man in a swanky estate to be worthy of having a Will. Age and income have nothing to do with whether or not you should have a Will in place. In fact, estate planning experts suggest you should start your Will earlier in life in the event of a tragedy.

Starting your Will planning doesn’t have to include a lengthy, intimidating legal document. If you own assets you already know you want to designate to someone, such as your car, savings, or even your beloved cat, simply jot it down in a note. Start selecting individuals you know and trust to hold important roles in your Will. You may also want to complete a financial power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney – and appoint individuals who can then have the power to make health or financial decisions on your behalf in the tragic event that you won’t be able to speak for yourself.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a Will. If you die without one, regardless of age or current financial status, it could cause additional stress and legal complications for your family.

Seek professional legal assistance.

We know that you may be thinking right off the bat: “too expensive.”

This step does not have to be expensive and time-consuming, despite what your buddies from work are saying. For the same cost as that take-out dinner you ordered last night, LegalShield provides not only access to a dedicated law firm for any personal legal matter, including estate planning, but they are also there 24/7 if you have a covered legal emergency. This means not only will you have help with your Will, but you could also get some legal assistance with a speeding ticket. We’re here to provide access to help.

Why should I seek the help of a lawyer for a Will?

  • While it’s not required to have an estate planning attorney prepare your Will, it can save time and stress, which means you can get right back to enjoying the rest of summer.

  • There are certain state legal requirements that your Will must meet, and an estate planning attorney knows the ins and outs of these requirements. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your Will is done correctly.

  • It is a low cost of only $24.95 a month with LegalShield. This would additionally include access to a law firm regarding essentially any other personal legal matter, so there’s no reason not to leverage professional guidance.

​​​Consider different circumstances that could happen.

As you select individuals for important roles in your Will such as the executor or power of attorney, name a second and third option for these roles, in the event that something happens to your first choice that makes this individual unable to perform the role. Consider naming secondary or alternate individuals for your legal guardian choice too, as this could change. If you have a certain couple in mind to co-parent your children, choose one of them as the legal guardian in case of divorce occurs. We know these are not fun things to think about, but these are the things that will un-complicate complicated matters in certain scenarios.

Leverage resources that make drafting a Will easy.

When you become a LegalShield Member, download our LegalShield app, sign in, and click “Start Will.” Fill out a brief questionnaire on the app, and a lawyer will be in touch to review your answers.

Once the questionnaire is completed, your provider law firm will prepare your Will for you to review in as little as five business days. From there, you can make changes and finalize the document. Once it is properly executed, keep it in a safe, accessible place.

And Voila! You have now officially just made your family and friend’s future lives much easier. This is a huge milestone in the estate planning process, and by utilizing available resources, you got it done quickly and efficiently.

Update your Will with a LegalShield Attorney

After you have executed your Will, you shouldn’t necessarily lock it up for life. As your life changes, your Will may need to be updated.

While there are obvious times when you may need to update your Will like when you have kids, get married, or divorced, some are not so obvious but just as important. When your life changes, you consider how this could impact the assets you are leaving behind, who they should go to, and who should play what part after your death.

Become a LegalShield Member to get started.

To start your estate planning process for an affordable rate, see our plan summaries, and find what best works for you. Once you are a Member, you will have 24/7 emergency legal access to an attorney for covered legal emergencies. The Will benefit comes at no additional cost. Find more resources on creating your Will today!

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Work with a LegalShield Lawyer to Complete or Update Your Will.