How to Stop Email Phishing Scams

december 10, 2018 | identity theft
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Phishing scams ramp up during the holidays

The holiday season means your email inbox is packed with messages from friends, family, retailers and undoubtedly, a number of scammers. Pause and think before clicking links or downloading attachments. Here are some critical tips to help protect your personal information.

  1. It is vital to stop and review emails and links before you click, download or reply. 
    Were you expecting an email from the sender? Does the email cc a large group of recipients, individuals you do not know or strange unrecognizable email addresses?
  2. Check the URL before clicking.
    Hover your mouse over the link in question. You should see the destination URL in the lower corner of your browser window. Does it go to the actual site it claims or some other web address? It is important to note that this test would not have worked for the recent Google Doc phishing attack, as the email used Google’s own login page.
  3. Be wary granting access to your accounts.
    Users have become accustomed to providing third-party apps with access to their email or other accounts. You should think twice before hitting accept. Take extra caution when granting third-party access to an account, particularly via links within an email.
  4. Utilize additional security features.
    Many companies offer enhanced security options, which are often underutilized. Password alerts will let you know if you enter your credentials on any third-party website. You should also consider two-factor authentication that will require you to confirm a new login from your cell phone or another email account. This will help you monitor and prevent unauthorized account access.
  5. Monitor and protect your identity.
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