Signing a Lease and a Roommate Agreement

october 14, 2020 | landlord/tenant
Signing a Lease and a Roommate Agreement

The Benefits of a Roommate Agreement

Living with a roommate can be a great way to save money and split basic household responsibilities, especially when you actually like the other person. However, roommates come with a totally different set of challenges than living with your family or significant other.

Cohabitating with a person you’re not obligated to love (or even like!) means that you won’t always agree on every aspect of sharing a space. If you’re in college, you probably didn’t have a choice in who this built-in best friend would be, but you’re still stuck with that person for at least a year. Different schedules, personalities, hygiene levels, and overall lifestyle choices can throw a wrench into even the most perfect roommate pairings. However, putting your expectations for one another in writing can help set some ground rules and prevent roommate nightmares down the road.

Your lease might cover what you are both monetarily responsible for, but everything else should be documented as well. LegalShield members have access to a Roommate Agreement that will help set some boundaries and preserve your relationship with your roommate. Disagreements are unavoidable, but getting your house rules in writing from the very beginning can ease the tension when problems arise.

Roommate Agreements should cover:

  • Rent obligations (particularly if the rent is not split equally);
  • Splitting utility costs;
  • Use of each other’s belongings;
  • Use of the apartment common area space;
  • Visitor policies;
  • Care and maintenance of the apartment; and
  • Miscellaneous requirements set out by all roommates 

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