Watch Out For Vehicle Service Contract Scams

September 04, 2017

Contracts and documents are such a common part of life these days that it can be easier to just sign and move on, rather than sift through all that legal language. Many places offer the added convenience of explaining, in a sentence or two, the gist of each page you sign. However, it’s wise to fully understand these legal documents, so you don’t face surprises, or even a scam, down the road. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released information about Vehicle Service Contract Scams, which have cost consumers millions. The scam left many believing they had a warranty sanctioned by the auto manufacturer, when in reality most had received a useless piece of paper. 

The St. Louis BBB conducted a study on this multi-tiered industry that can cause consumer confusion. Among the findings mentioned in the article, was that 93% of those surveyed noted the companies would not allow claims they thought were covered in the contract (once the contract was accepted and payments had started or completed). 

Before purchasing these types of warranties, it’s important to fully understand the contract. LegalShield members have experienced attorneys standing by to review and explain legal documents before they sign, every time. Contract and document review of up to ten pages each, is among the many valuable legal services included in a LegalShield membership.