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Speak with an Employment Law Attorney for just $39/month

Dealing with Employees can be Difficult


Employment Discrimination Charges filed with the EEOC in 2018

“Small Businesses: How the Threat of Lawsuits Impacts Their Operations,” Harris Interactive, 2007


318 days

Average time for charge to be resolved

“Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits” Hiscox 2017,


Average cost for employment cases that resulted in a defense and settlement payment

“Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits” Hiscox 2017


Average hourly rate for attorneys in the US

United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey Report 2015-2016” National Consumer Law Center, 2018


Our employment law attorneys can advise you on sticky situations such as

  • What questions you are not allowed to ask ask during an interview.
  • How to document employee performance issues the right way.
  • Dealing with at-will employment, collective bargaining and individual employment agreements.
  • Hiring your first employee.
  • Understanding your obligations under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

  • Non-compete, non-disclosure and waiver of liability clauses in employment contracts.

LegalShield attorneys help you stay on the right side of employment law and protect your business interests.

How LegalShield Works

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With over 4 million members and an A+ BBB rating, you can be sure you’re working with debt collection experts. Our attorneys have an average of 22 years experience and LegalShield has made legal help affordable since 1972.

Legal Advice at Your Fingertips

LegalShield’s easy to use app allows you to access your plan benefits on the go. Contact your attorney, upload documents for review, improve debt collection and so much more, all from your iOS or Android device.

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Get Legal Help in Other Areas Too

Your membership includes a huge variety of legal services and savings beyond employment law at no extra charge.
Here are a few examples.

Contract Review

Contract Review and Drafting

Your attorney can review documents and provide advice at no additional charge or draft documents from scratch at 25% off their standard hourly rates. Either way, you save a ton of money.

Letters and Calls on Other Matters

Your attorney can draft letters on their letterhead or make calls on your behalf to resolve legal issues beyond employee issues, such as disputes with vendors, landlords or debt collection.

Letters Call

Unlimited Phone Consultation

You can speak with your attorney on an unlimited number of matters concerning your business. Ask questions and get answers from experts with an average of 22 years experience.

Representation at Trial

If your company is a named defendant in a covered civil action, your attorney can defend you at trial. The 50 and 100 employee plans come with up to 75 hours of trial defense per year. See plans below.

Unlimited Phone Consulation
As a small business owner, knowing I have a lawyer to help me with contract review, HR issues and collecting debt is astronomically helpful. You don't know what you don't know, and I love being able to contact the experts when I need help.
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