Coverage Details & Pricing: 10 Employees or Fewer

A low monthly fee gets you a ton of legal services you can use for
common issues your business faces every day.

Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf
  • Your attorney can write letters on their letterhead or make phone calls on your behalf to resolve a huge variety of legal issues such as disputes with vendors, landlords, customers or employees.

  • Your plan includes up to 20 calls or letters per year with one follow up call or letter per matter.

  • You can get up to 6 letters or calls in any month.

Need more than 20 calls or letters? Sign up for our SMB 50 or SMB 100 plan

The law firm provides sound legal advice, and they make sure all your questions are answered. You don't feel like they're rushing to get done with you.
Pennsylvania Member
We had a client over 90 days in arrears. It took about 15 minutes to explain the situation and a demand letter was written immediately! Fast and easy. Thanks
Jack B.
Florida Member
Document Review and Contract Drafting
  • Your attorney can review and provide feedback on up to 20 documents per year (up to 15 pages each and up to 6 documents in any month). Your plan includes one out-of-state document review per year.

  • If you need a document or contract drafted, you have two options:

    1. Download an attorney drafted template for free from our website, fill it in and have your attorney review it and provide feedback.
    2. Have your attorney draft a document from scratch at 25% off their standard hourly fees. This option saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars as your pre and post drafting consultations are covered by your plan benefits and you save a significant amount of money on hourly fees
Debt Collection Services
  • Your attorney can help collect debts owed to your business from customers, vendors, renters and others.

  • You get up to 5 separate initial collection letters on your attorney’s letterhead every month

  • Besides improving the rate at which your collections are successful, you can save additional money by using your consultation benefit to discuss each collection issue with your attorney before they draft the collection letter

Need more than 20 calls or letters? Sign up for our SMB 50 or SMB 100 plan

Designated Consultation for Specialized Areas of Law

Certain areas of law are a bit more complex and require specialists. For the areas of law listed below, you get three telephone conversations arranged by your Provider Lawyer each year. Each Designated Consultation includes up to one-half hour of legal consultation with an attorney experienced in the particular area of law for which you need help

  • Securities

  • Patents

  • Copyrights

  • Antitrust

  • Immigration

  • International law

  • Tax Law 

  • Import/export or customs matters

  • Issues arising outside your state

  • Commodities

  • Trademarks

  • Admiralty

  • Intellectual property 

I have had an extraordinary experience with [my Provider], Attorney! I had a very serious matter that he was able to do exactly as I had hoped. I asked him to be an advocate on my behalf rather than use a typical attorney demeanor. He was able to do just that and was successful in working out an agreement that was amenable to both parties. I had great advice and a letter that was accepted that he drafted and now I am able to go on with "business as usual". I needed time and [He] was able to work that out for me with compassion and sincerity on my behalf to someone that I owned a great deal of money. He has redeemed me in the eyes of someone who had been wonderful to me and now our friendship can get passed our differences. It takes a special lawyer to negotiate a situation by being sincere to gain the trust of the other party who did not have any trust left and I owe so much to [my Provider Lawyer] and LegalShield. This is truly a service that everyone needs for their personal lives and to protect their business. I can't thank [Him] or LegalShield enough for being there when I needed them the most
Georgia Member and Independent Associate
25% Member Discount and Eligibility
  • Any legal services you need that are not covered by the core plan benefits are available to you at 25% off your attorney’s standard hourly rate. This is a highly valuable plan benefit that can easily save you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to hiring an attorney directly. Even if you use it only one time.

  • Businesses must meet the following eligibility requirements to get the protection of a Small Biz 10 plan.

    • Be a for profit business
    • Be a privately held business
    • Have 10 or fewer employees
Trial Defense

Pre-trial preparation and trial defense services are included in our Small Business 50 and 100 plans. If you have 10 or fewer employees, you can upgrade to our SMBZ 50 plan and get trial defense services included for only a little bit more per month. Plus, you’ll get additional core benefits such as more attorney calls and debt collection letters.

View the Small Business 50 Plan details here

Grow Your Business with LegalShield Business Plus

With the right tools, running a business can be easy and efficient!

LegalShield Business Plus empowers you with tools to more easily manage workflow, and provides consultation to help make smarter, safer business decisions. Our consultative services can help you grow your business with confidence—and that’s good for your reputation and your bottom line. Features and Benefits

  • General Business Consultation
    Want to know how to better run your business? Ask any business-related question and get an answer within 72 hours.
  • Business Forms
    Download the most used legal forms
  • Website Builder
    Every business needs an online presence! Launch a professional website for your business with easy-to-use templates and tools. We even offer e-commerce integration to help you start selling online.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools
    We’ll give you the tools to better manage your engagement with clients and potential customers.

A LegalShield Business Plus supplement can be added to your LegalShield Small Business plan at checkout for just $14.95 per month.

I have personally used [my Provider Law Firm] twenty-four times in the last 2 years. They have always been very knowledgeable, respectful, helpful, kind, willing to stay on the phone until I was completely stratified with the information. I have never had an issue with any member of thefirm or any referral attorneys they have provided. Additionally, my partner and her children have opened 10 or more intakes with the firm and have all had wonderful experiences as well. Finally, we have a Small Biz 10 plan and love the promptness of their service and the great business advicethey have provided so far.
Joseph Kazimer
Colorado Member and Independent Sales Associate

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Three Designated Consultations for complex legal issues
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