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We have made it our mission for over 40 years to take the stress out of your legal problems. Getting legal help is for everyone. Here is what some of our members have to say about working with us.

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M. Stevensen
Minnesota Member
I called LegalShield this week and an attorney returned my call within a couple of hours.
I am separated from my husband and had some questions about his retirements. The attorney told me what I had to do to find information on these accounts As usual, the person who took my call and the attorney who called me were extremely nice to me.
I have called several times now and always feel so comfortable about talking to the law firm.
E. Valente
Oregon Member
I am writing to thank you for providing understandable legal assistance to your clients.
I needed advice on a legal matter and I was very well directed by my provider attorney. She returned all my calls in a very short period of time with clear and understandable explanations to my questions.
Thank you again for having highly qualified professionals making our lives a little easier.
L. McLaughlin
New Jersey Member
I am writing to compliment your attorney on the professional, reassuring way that he handled my case regarding a problem that I was having with a credit card insurance company.
Additionally, once again, I want to commend LegalShield for excellent customer service regarding response time and professional courteous customer service.
S. Mercer
North Carolina Member
I want to share a phone call that I received two weeks ago as a result of a letter that was written on our behalf. I was having lunch with an associate when my ohone rang I answered on the other end and a voice asked, "Is this Mrs. Mercer?" "Yes," I answered. "Is this Susan Mercer?" Again, I answered, "Yes." Then the lady identified herself as being with the Tax Payer Advocate Service of the IRS. I now at that point my eyes must have been as big as saucers. That is certainly NOT the person that you are ever hoping to have call you on the phone. She proceeded by telling me that the IRS had received a letter from my provider attorney, that she had already contacted him to let him know that the process had been resolved and she just wanted to call me personally and APOLOGIZE! She assured me that all of the information had been sent to North Carolina and been taken care of. Now, doesn't the IRS always call and apologize when they make a mistake? I would give anything to have had that call recorded for prosperity. For nine years we had been trying to resolve this issue. We even paid several attorneys, prior to LegalShield, to handle this matter. The IRS did not receive our tax return during a particular year, so they chose to file one for my husband, as a single individual with no dependents. This resulted in the IRS placing a $17,000 lien on our property and threatening to garnish my husband's wages. We filed a return. The IRSdetermined that we did not owe taxes, and in fact, were due a refund They sent us a refund check and a notice of release to stop the garnishment. However, they failed to notify our county. For nine years we have suffered from a $17,000 lien that was never removed from our record. Thanks to LegalShield, not only has it been removed, but we have a "once in a lifetime" story of the day the IRS apologized. Thanks again for the wonderful service provided by our provider firm.
W. Salahuddin
Maryland Member
I had to take this time to let you know how satisfied I have been with my provider firm. I have been involved in an uncontested child custody case in which I am representing myself as the plaintiff. This case is what prompted me to become a member of LegalShield. Initially, when I joined I was very skeptical regarding the type of service I would receive for so little money. Joining LegalShield is the best thing that has happened to me and I have told many people about your company. A letter from my provider firm resulted in a representative of the school board giving permission for my grandson (the subject child in the custody case) to complete his school year at his current school and I was granted an extension to complete the court process. Prior to this, I was stressed because of the short time given to get the process finalized. The stress was beginning to affect me so badly that I couldn't concentrate on anything because of worry about how little time I had. In addition, the representatives provided almost immediate response to all the questions I had regarding the appropriate documents required for filing with the court and told me what to expect They assured me I was doing fine. I don't know what I would have done without LegalShield's help.
P. Seal
Texas Member
I just called the credit service concerning the bad credit rating and it has been deleted. Thank you so much. I am singing Glory to God! I thank you again so much. This means a lot to me. I try very hard to keep my credit rating good. God bless you.
R. Maygield, Jr.
Virginia Member
I would just like to let you know I had called the provider firm for Virginia today about a legal issue concerning Wills. My provider attorney actually saved me from spending $1,500 - $2,000 today, which is what I might have had to pay to a referral lawyer in my local area. I had contacted the provider law firm a little after 4 PM today and actually missed his initial call back shortly after I had contacted the provider law firm. I had asked my provider attorney if he had tried to call me back earlier and he stated that he had called. The secretary had informed me that they would get back to me between 6 PM and 7 PM, which is after normal hours of business. My provider attorney contacted me promptly at 6 PM, this being my first contact with a legal question, I was surprised that he had gotten back to me the same day, especially after business hours.
The professional service and advice he gave me is worth much more to me than the amount I am paying for the service. I am truly pleased and grateful having the legal services available to me. I really cannot say enough about his promptness, courteousness, professionalism and his ability to make me feel as though his time and mine was worth the effort to call me when he would have been able to go home to his family. There is not enough time in the day to explain my gratitude.
I guess the best thing that I would be able to do right now is to say "thank you" to my provider attorney and to LegalShield for providing me the knowledge and legal power to make a well-informed decision. My family and I thank you.
If anyone ever needs to have me speak to the value this service amounts, I would have no problem standing in front of a stadium full of people and letting them know how much this service would help their family, relatives, and friends.
Thank you again. This is definitely one satisfied customer. I am proud to say, "I am a LegalShield member and new associate because of the services available to me.
Indiana Member
I am a new member of LegalShield and was looking at my legal needs on several issues and I decided to make a call and go for a test drive...I am so impressed! I made my calls around 3 PM for an issue that involved my divorce of over three years and $8,000 in billings with a local attorney...there was a prompt reply and we played phone tag and then connected at 4:45 PM and was given excellent guidance and some good information. This was all accomplished on an issue that was cold turkey to your office staff in lightning speed! My energy to build more business has increased substantially with LegalShield.
California Member
My mother is facing a very major surgery, and I am the primary decision maker in her Living Will if she becomes incapacitated. Being under anesthesia qualifies and she has some very specific wishes. My consultation today was to help me through the potential confusion if I am called upon by the doctors to do something that might be medically smart but is absolutely against her wishes. The attorney was patient and clear, and very sensitive, in walking me through the issue and I am grateful for the advice of an expert and for having the easy access to that advice.
G. Mitchell
Missouri Member
I wanted to notify you of my extreme satisfaction and commend my provider attorney and firm in Missouri. They went above and beyond in teaching me through my many, many questions regarding my Will and other estate planning needs. She was very informative and more so, very patient in taking care of my Will. When the first Will was returned with errors by me (not filling the questionnaire out correctly, not understanding how the final Will would be drafted), she took care of the changes immediately.

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