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Personal Plan Supplements

If you have a home business, own a gun, or if you anticipate needing additional trial coverage - you may want to consider these optional Personal Plan Supplements. Add these supplements to your plan at checkout or scroll to learn more below.

Home Business Supplement

Hiring a law firm for your home-based business can be expensive. And with DIY legal websites, you may not know the best actions to take or have access to consultation with a lawyer when you need it. LegalShield’s Home Business Supplement provides access to a provider law firm for a wide variety of business legal matters. You’ll receive a year’s worth of unlimited consultation and a multitude of actual services for around the cost of a single contract review elsewhere.

You might be self-employed, but you’re not on your own. Get legal assistance that’s tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to focus on what you do best – running your home business.

 If you have a more complex business with employees, check out our small business plans.



Advice, Consultation and Research

Receive advice and consultation on business legal matters related to your home business, plus 1 hour of research on each matter as needed.**

*Includes preexisting matters

**This does not include business legal matters covered under designated consultations. Certain business legal matters are not covered

Designated Consultation

A provider lawyer will advise you on business legal matters including tax, patent, trademark, copyright, or antitrust. Receive up to 3 annual designated phone consultations each year, of up to 30 minutes in length.*

*For a flat rate of $25 per consultation for Members in Washington.

Letters or Phone Calls

A provider lawyer can provide further help with business legal matters by sending letters or making phone calls on behalf of your home business. Receive any combination of 12 letters or phone calls annually for both in state and out of state business legal matters, each on a unique business matter, with 1 follow-up communication if a response is received from a third party.

(Additional letters or phone calls, beyond the plan limit, can be obtained for a $75 flat rate each.)

Document Review

Contracts and other business legal documents can be complicated and may include language that is not in your best interest. A provider lawyer can review business legal documents. Every month, you can submit up to 4 documents of up to 25 pages in length pertaining to both in and out-of-state business legal matters.

(If you need more than four documents per month, a flat rate of $75 for each additional review applies.)

*Doesn’t include documents that are related to administrative proceedings and lawsuits.

Collection Letters

Late-paying clients are an unavoidable part of business. A provider law firm can help collect money that’s owed by writing collection letters, up to 4 per month for both in and out-of-state matters. (For additional letters, a flat rate of $75 each applies.)*

*Collection letters are available for a flat rate of $25 each in Washington, with additional letters available for $75 each.

IRS Audit Legal Services

With a Home Business Supplement, you receive IRS Audit Legal Services for help with items included on Schedules C and E of your personal federal income tax return. Business entity tax returns are not included.

(For members in Washington state, IRS Audit Services require an additional fee of $200/hour. In New York state, IRS Audit Services are $50/hour. All other members get IRS Audit Services at no additional fee.)

Interstate Services

Receive help with out of state business legal matters including consultation, document review, collection letters, and letters or phone calls.

25% Preferred Member Discount

For additional legal services not outlined in the member contract, you may receive a 25% discount from your provider law firm’s standard hourly rate. Your provider lawyer will review these fees prior to engagement.

Residential Leasing

Do you lease up to 10 residential properties? LegalShield’s Home Business Supplement helps alleviate guess work and headaches that stem from landlord-tenant issues. (Does not cover commercial property leases such as high-rise, offices, retail/restaurant, multifamily complexes, etc.

I can't believe the value. I purchased the service to take care of Wills and Powers of Attorney, but I had another issue come up I needed advice on. I left a message and they called me back within 2 hours with the information.
Mary S.
Indiana Member

Gun Owners Supplement

Owning guns increases the potential liability of our members. As such, gun related issues are excluded from our standard Personal Plan. To better protect yourself and your family, consider adding LegalShield’s gun owners supplement. The gun owners supplement allows you to use the following legal benefits for gun related issues.

Add this supplement in checkout



Unlimited Consultation

You get unlimited phone consultation with a lawyer regarding any issues related to using or carrying firearms.

24/7 Legal Help

You can speak with your lawyer immediately after the use of a firearm to stop a threat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trial Defense

Get up to 60 hours of trial defense services if you are named in a covered criminal or civil lawsuit arising from a firearm incident.

NFA Trust Services

You receive one NFA Gun Trust in your state of residence prepared by your lawyer each year for a flat fee of $250.

25% Discounts

Any gun related legal services not covered by the standard benefits are available at 25% off your lawyer’s standard hourly rates.

Peace of Mind

One reason people own guns is to protect themselves and their families. Our gun owners supplement furthers that mission.

*These supplements are only available when you sign up for a Personal Legal Plan (starting at $24.95). Please see the Member Contract for full details.

LegalShield saved me over $300 by writing a letter to my (my internet provider) getting me out of a 24-month contact due to several issue. (My provider law firm) is also helping me out with my Will! Thank you.
Michael B.
Flordia Member

Trial Defense Supplement

All LegalShield Personal Plans include trial defense services. However, since trials can be time consuming and expensive, some members like to add extra trial defense time to their plan. With our trial defense supplement, you get additional hours of lawyer time to defend you at trial for only $14.95 a month.

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Trial Defense
Lawyer Representation

Your membership includes representation by your lawyer if you or your spouse is named a defendant in a civil suit.

25% Discounts

Any personal legal services not covered by the standard benefits are 25% off your lawyer’s standard hourly rates.

Unlimited Consultation

You get phone consultations with an attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues. Includes pre-existing conditions.

Trial Time

Each year of membership, through your fifth year, earns you additional hours of lawyer trial defense and pre-trial preparation hours.

Pre-Trial Hours

You will get an additional half hour of pre-trial time for each year of your membership through the fifth year of membership.

Trial Hours

You will get 59.5 additional trial defense hours for each year of your membership, through the fifth year.

*These supplements are only available when you sign up for a Personal Legal Plan (starting at $24.95). Please see the Member Contract for full details.