LegalShield’s Top Advantages

  • More time to talk with your attorney
  • More pages of document review and drafting
  • More standard legal services included with your fee
  • 39 law firms that cover all of the United States and Canada 
  • Seasoned lawyers that have an average of 22 years of experience
  • Member perks and discounts that can pay for the plan by themselves
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4 Reasons LegalShield is Your Best Option

A pre-paid legal plan from LegalShield offers so many advantages over other options it’s almost hard to list them all. This page highlights the benefits our members have told us they value most.

  • Instead of paying $150 - $400 an hour for legal help, you pay a small monthly fee starting at $29.95.
  • Instead of worrying about the clock ticking when you call your attorney, you can call an unlimited number of times to get advice and consultation about any legal issue and never receive a bill.
  • Our pre-paid legal plan includes things such as an attorney prepared Will, Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney. These documents alone would cost $500 - $1500 if you hired an attorney directly.
  • LegalShield founder, Harland Stonecipher, was in a car accident in 1969. Even though he was not at fault, Harland faced financial hardship from having to pay expensive legal bills.
  • Harland never wanted anyone else to have to face the same issue and founded Pre-Paid Legal Services (now LegalShield) a few years later. Our Member Bill of Rights preserves Harland’s legacy of service.
  • Since then, LegalShield has developed a proprietary network of outstanding law firms across the United States to help the average person access the power of an attorney for a small monthly fee.
  • With over 4.1 million members, 39 law firms and over 45 years of continuously improving our plans, there is simply no prepaid legal plan on the market with better benefits or customer service.

You Get Discounts from Major Retailers That Can Save You More than the Monthly Fee

  • LegalShield has partnered with many popular brands and organizations to save it’s members money on products and services they already use. View member perks.
  • There are so many discounts available that if you take advantage of just a few of them, you can easily save more money than the monthly plan fee. It sounds crazy and too good to be true. It is kind of crazy, but it’s totally true.
  • If you save money with some of our partners and use the legal services once or twice, you’d easily pay for your membership for years if not your entire lifetime.
I never imagined I would need LegalShield's assistance as much as I've used it. I find that before I take anything upon myself, that I first consult with my [Provider Law] firm about my options. When my new used car overheated after three days after purchasing it, I contacted LegalShield who coached me through winning my settlement. Filing for reconsideration of being at fault in a minor collision; Asking for guidance on how to approach an issue I was experiencing with my cellular carrier. Plus, the savings from using Perkspot pays for the membership each month - cell service discounts, car rentals, movie tickets,food and more. I love my LegalShield and appreciate my firm.
Howard Crampton Jr.
California Member

Our Plans are Obviously a Better Value Than Our Competitors and Cleary the Smart Choice

When you compare the benefits and quality of our plans to some of our “competitors” you realize they are not even really competitors. Our plans far surpass what’s offered by other companies on just about every measure. We’ve been able to create a better option by working hard to improve all aspects of our organization and programs over the course of 45 years. We had a huge head start and are the recognized leader in the industry.


Best Coverage
  • Unlimited consultation call time
  • Unlimited personal document review up to 15 pages each
  • Auto coverage including moving traffic violations, criminal charges, and driver’s license recovery
  • Last Will & Testament and Power of Attorney prepared at no additional charge, with yearly updates
  • Trial Defense for Lawsuits
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • 24/7 emergency access
$9.99/month (12 Month Commitment)
  • Phone consultation (30- minute limit)
  • Free document review up to 10 pages ($39 - $99 each for longer documents)
  • Limited auto coverage (30-minute consultation)
  • Will & Power of Attorney not included
  • Trial Defense not included
  • No IRS Audit Defense
Rocket Lawyer
  • Phone consultation (30- minute limit)
  • Document Review only in the event of a dispute
  • Limited auto coverage ($39/15-min consultation)
  • Will & Power of Attorney not included
  • Trial Defense not included
  • No IRS Audit Defense

* Price may vary by location

**For Legalzoom only: Not included in 30-minute consultation. Legal services for tax issues offered at 25% discount.


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