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Affordable Legal Help For Renters

You’d never usually hire a lawyer to review a lease or help get your security deposit back. Why? Hourly legal fees are sky high. But now, for less than $1 a day, you can access an entire law firm, including lawyers who specialize in renters’ issues.

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Exercise Your Renter Rights

We’ve leveled the legal playing field by making lawyers affordable. In other words, we enable you to protect your rights as a renter. Using LegalShield just once can save you thousands, but as a member, you get unlimited legal help with all your legal issues.

With a LegalShield legal plan established lawyers can give you advice, draft your documents, and represent you on issues that arise before you move in, while living there, and when moving out.

family surrounded by moving boxes
family surrounded by moving boxes

Signing A Lease

As a LegalShield member, your provider firm can review a lease and give you the advice you need to sign with confidence. You can ask a lawyer familiar with leasing laws in your state if:

  • Your lease terms are fair
  • Your landlord is trying to take advantage of you
  • You can maintain part of the property in exchange for lower rent
  • You can pay a lower security deposit
  • Your landlord’s refusal to rent to you is based your on sex, race or religion

While Living There

A lawyer can be a big help with common challenges. With a legal plan you can ask your provider firm if:

  • Your landlord must make certain repairs
  • Your landlord is trying to unfairly charge you for repairs for which you’re not responsible
  • You can negotiate to have a pet even though it’s prevented by your lease
  • You can file a noise or other complaints with your landlord
  • You’re being unfairly penalized for paying rent late
  • You can negotiate to sublet or Airbnb, even if your lease prevents it
  • Your landlord must renew your lease
  • Your landlord is able to hold you financially responsible for a former roommate
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Moving Out

When your lease is coming to an end or if you want to get out of a lease early, a variety of legal questions can come up. As a LegalShield member you can ask a lawyer if:

  • You can break your lease early
  • You can sue your landlord for not returning all your security deposit in a timely way
  • You are responsible for normal wear and tear in the home
  • You can fight back when your landlord tries to evict you
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Resources to Make Ending a Lease Easy

There are lots of moving parts at the end of a lease and you’d be well served by speaking with a lawyer to help you navigate your options and prevent unnecessary financial damage. In the meantime, check out these helpful articles, checklists and templates.


How LegalShield Works

Finding solutions to your legal issues doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated or expensive.

LegalShield puts the power of legal representation within reach of any individual, family or business. We work hard to make it easy, simple and affordable to get the legal help you need, when you need it.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Read what our members have to say about using LegalShield to help with leases and landlords.

  • LegalShield has a local attorney firm that has provided excellent legal services from reviewing docs to consultation on legal matters. The 2 attorneys whom I worked with were absolutely great, precise, knowledgeable, and fast to respond!
    I couldn't be more pleased with the services of the provider firm attorneys. This was an ongoing issue with the City of Miami Gardens with no resolution in sight. I then reached out to Legal Shield. After receiving the referral letter I got immediate reaction from Miami gardens wanting to resolve my roofing problem after 4 months of me reaching out to them. I cannot thank the provider attorneys enough for their assistance and patience through this stressful ordeal.The best decision I made was when I continued with this service once I retired. In these stressful times it's good to know you are not alone. Thank you again.
    Vivian J.
    When I first subscribed to LegalShield, I wasn't sure of its value to us, but it has more than paid it's way! This latest event (obtaining a conservatorship and guardianship for my aunt who has advanced senile dementia) was yet another pleasant and successful interaction with our legal team at Kivel and Howard. LegalShield has given me enormous peace of mind and saved us a lot of money. I'm so happy with everything they do for us, and would recommend this service to anyone I know! Who would have ever thought that talking to lawyers could be enjoyable? (Which reminds me of one of my favorite lawyer jokes...)
    Saffron B.