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Launch by LegalShield connects you with a local business attorney who will talk to you about your business, help you choose the correct business entity to form, complete all the paperwork and file it for you, and provide legal support for three months from your membership purchase date. Here’s how it works.

NOTE: Whether you file yourself or through LegalShield, every new business is required to pay a one-time state filing fee.

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Registered Agent Services

United States business law requires every business to have a registered agent who resides in the state where the business is formed. A registered agent is simply a person designated to receive all legal paperwork related to your business. Examples include service of process when a business entity is being sued or notifications from the state about licensing renewals.

Your registered agent can be an officer or employee of your company, or a third party, such as the organization's lawyer or a registered agent service. Since it’s legally required, failure to properly maintain a registered agent can negatively impact your business.

If you, a business partner or one of your employees is a resident of the state in which you will be forming your business entity, any one of you can be the registered agent. Your attorney will simply include the name and contact information of your registered agent in the entity paperwork prior to filing.

If you are forming your business in a state that you do not reside in (say for tax benefits) or you move to another state after you establish the entity, you may need to pay a third party service to act as your registered agent.

Good news. LegalShield makes having a registered agent in another state easy and affordable.



Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent offices in all 50 states. Instant notifications of all documents received. Secure online dashboard to keep you organized and compliant.

Starting as low as $120.00



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