A Little Known Life Hack that Gets You Access to Experienced Attorneys for Less than $1.00 a Day

December 10, 2020
Man on bike happy with his legal plan

Modern life can be complicated. Even basic tasks and interactions can result in a variety of problems, disputes and legal issues. 

Have you experienced any of the following situations within the last year?

  • Got a speeding ticket or other moving violation 
  • Had a billing dispute with a utility company or home contractor
  • Had to sign a rental agreement or other document with confusing legal mumbo jumbo
  • Needed to create a Power of Attorney or deal with a child support dispute 
  • Been harassed by a collection agency or nosey neighbor 
  • Received a scary letter from the IRS or other government agency

When problems present themselves, getting legal advice from a competent attorney can save you a ton of money and prevent minor situations from turning into major legal headaches. 

Imagine if you could call an experienced attorney to ask a legal question any time you wanted or  have them review a contract and provide feedback to be sure you’re making the right decisions. 

All the small and big issues that pop as you go about your day up would be smoothed out and far less stressful if you had an attorney on call. 

Unfortunately, unless you are rich, the insanely high hourly fees attorneys charge puts critical legal advice out of reach for most people. 

Until now. 

How One Company Flipped the Script on Hourly Legal Fees

You may not believe what I’m about to tell you. 

You can pay $24.95 per month (less than a dollar a day) and get all of the following legal services. And not from some kid that just got out of law school last week, but from attorneys with an average of 22 years of experience. 

  • Call your attorney to ask legal questions on an unlimited number of issues any time you want, including 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Submit any documents, up to 15 pages each, and have an attorney review them and provide valuable feedback. 
  • Submit traffic tickets and have your attorney handle them for you to reduce or eliminate fines and points. 
  • Have an estate planning attorney draft a Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney and Living Will.
  • Ask your attorney to make phone calls or write letters on your behalf to negotiate deals, settle disputes with a landlord or deal with a government agency. 
  • Have your attorney defend you at trial if you’re sued in a civil case.

Oh, and these services cover you, your partner and your dependent children. 

We know this sounds crazy. 

Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars an hour. Even one phone call to ask a few legal questions could easily cost you $250. 

How is it possible to get thousands of dollars of legal services from reputable attorneys for $24.95 a month?

It’s pretty simple actually. 

LegalShield has a network of 39 well-vetted law firms that cover the entire US and Canada. We use the monthly fees from our over 4.5 million members to pre-pay each firm so they are on call to deliver the services included in our legal plans. The firms get a steady stream of revenue, you get incredibly affordable legal help that makes a big difference in your life, and we make a few bucks for managing the program. It’s a win win win situation. 

By creating the concept of a pre-paid legal plan and pooling the money of millions of members, LegalShield has turned the fee structure of the legal industry on its head. 

The result is that now anyone can afford the power and benefits that come from having an attorney on call, without the fear of racking up huge legal bills. 

Something else that’s crazy is that this is not even new. LegalShield has been around for over 45 years and is a well-established, award winning organization, yet many people have never heard of this legal hack. Regardless, if you did not know, now you do.


If this still sounds too good to be true, view plan details and pricing here or call 888.888.8888 to speak with a friendly customer support representative that can answer your questions and get you in touch with an attorney in your state.