Law Enforcement
Prior to LegalShield, I was a disgruntled graduate student who went on to pursue a career in law enforcement. As a police officer, I loved the idea of helping others in their time of distress. But I didn’t like the hours I sacrificed for little pay.

In December 2013, a fellow coworker introduced me to LegalShield’s many services, including the police officers plan. I immediately saw value! I couldn’t see how anyone could NOT own this membership. After signing me up for the services, my coworker then showed me how much money he had just earned by protecting me with this service.

I launched my LegalShield business at the age of 25. But there were two things holding me back: fear of giving up my consistent part-time job’s paycheck and fear that because I was dreaming too big, I would never succeed. Boy, was I wrong!

With encouragement from my mentor and a passion found in the group arena, my business exploded.

I couldn’t help but notice the many success stories in this business. So I adapted that mindset and worked hard work. Within my third year with LegalShield, I was able to earn more than what I earned as a police officer. That led to me earning the prestigious $50,000 Ring!