Dr. Fletcher Brothers has pastored the same ministry for 40 years. In 1981, he founded Freedom Village USA and a year later Freedom Village of Canada, recognized as North America’s premier homes for “at-risk” young people. He is an author, and for decades he’s hosted the daily, international “Victory Today” radio program. He founded Operation Mercy and Freedom Village Ukraine, a major supplier of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and a ministry to thousands of orphans. He has championed youth causes here and abroad and is recognized as one of the leading authorities on youth issues worldwide. He’s a crusader for young people, America, Canada, and traditional values.

“The very last thing I was looking for in November 2003 was one more thing to do,” he said. “My office closet is full of lotions and potions, bee pollen, miracle-this, and miracle-that drinks and pills. I’ve been approached by them all. I absolutely did not want to get into a business, and I did not get into LegalShield to make money. Now, I’m not sending any of the money back, mind you, but it wasn’t my motivation. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God brought LegalShield into my life to help people. As a pastor, if you came to me with a spiritual problem, I could help you. If you came to me with a wayward child, I could help you. But 70% of my calls were all about money. People losing their homes. People being downsized for the second or third time.”

He added, “There are three words I use to describe LegalShield—timely, unlimited, and doable! I saw that in 2003, and I see it today even more. We have a product everyone needs and everyone can afford. Going out into this world without this protection is like playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with your freedoms, your children and your future.”

“I have fought for children for many years,” he said. “No parent should be without LegalShield. Too many things can happen to you and your children not to have access to quality legal help. There is too big a minefield out there today. Thousands of children are being taken away from their families by the system (and obviously many should have been). However, 70% or more come back with the case declared ‘unfounded,’ but the child in many cases is damaged for life. LegalShield is THE ONLY product of its kind that can level that playing field. I have often quipped that I am ‘living proof God has a sense of humor,’ and I am. I am likewise proof that no matter how busy a person is—if you are driven to change your life or in my case help people—you will find the time. The LegalShield opportunity is second to none. I can also tell you the residual income works, for I have basically been on a ‘leave of activity,’ as I call it, for several years due to other demands, and without fail, every month the checks have kept coming. Do not wait one more day to kick your business into high gear. Too many people need what you have in your hands. Too many children are at risk and too many people simply do not know there is hope. Become part of the HOPE PATROL. Determine to be an ambassador of hope. Realize that what you have in your hands can not only change lives but also literally save them! God bless you as you share this God-given opportunity created by two wonderful people, Harland and Shirley Stonecipher.”