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As a special education teacher, Theresa loved teaching. But even with her master’s degree, the income left a lot to be desired, especially when she incurred day care costs in order to work. With Frank’s background in traditional business (he is self-taught, with no formal education past the sixth grade), Theresa decided after eight years of teaching that it was time to stay home to raise the kids while supporting Frank in his business ventures.

In 1974, they founded a sign franchise business, which they grew across the Southeast. Frank has received numerous awards and honors for his business savvy and his ability to help his peers take their businesses to new levels of success. He was named one of the Top 50 Businessmen in the U.S., was honored by the Charleston Chamber of Commerce as “Business Person of the Year,” and elected the following year as the “South Carolina Business Person of the Year.” He continues to advise and support business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs constantly, including many LegalShield business owners!

After opening a small chain of bookstores and later founding the graphic sign company franchise, the AuCoins learned a lot about traditional business. Although they loved what they accomplished, they learned that being a traditional business owner demanded a lot—dealing with employees, overhead, rent, insurance, bookkeeping, marketing, worker’s comp, collections, etc. However, when they discovered LegalShield, they learned they could grow a business without the normal challenges and headaches they were familiar with.

Theresa and Frank have accomplished some of their longtime dreams and goals during the past few years. As a result of Theresa’s passion for everyone to be healthy and full of vitality, she became a certified nutritional counselor and holistic health practitioner. Theresa has a passion for sharing important truthful information on how to easily improve your health. What good is wealth if you don’t have your health?

The AuCoins have hit the rank of Platinum 4, have earned the $400,000 Ring and have qualified for the Millionaire Club. They were honored to be featured in one of the segments of the Private Business Reception DVD, and Theresa was featured in the LegalShield magazine LIVE MORE.

They believe there are BIG important keys to developing a large productive team: The number one key is the SKILL of learning to build for events. The number one COMMITMENT is consistent personal development. The number one ACTION is always planning your day the night before. The number one RESOURCE is the book Go Pro. The number one FOCUS is to constantly recruit and constantly Fast Start new associates. Following the proven system and sticking to these keys CONSISTENTLY allow the real magic to happen—and growth is inevitable. Consistent GROWTH is the overall major goal.

Frank and Theresa’s favorite time is spent with their family, Bryant and Emily—son and daughter-in-law, and their upcoming son to be born this summer, and Sharla and Michael—daughter and son-in-law, and all their children including Skylar and Parker, and Diana—Theresa’s sister, and their close friends, particularly John and Elizabeth Gardner. Life is great.