I was first introduced to LegalShield in November 1999, by my great friend, Dr. Hollis Dillion. At that time, I was working with a phone company in the employee assistance department. I was living paycheck to paycheck and keeping my career options open. He invited me to an opportunity meeting, where I was introduced to Russell Peden. I immediately saw the importance of having this membership and the opportunity to help others with the program. I got started that night!

I felt that with my experience, marketing to small businesses and companies would be a great fit for me. I attended a group school my first month in the business and have qualified every month for the Performance Club since I got started.

To me, LegalShield means having an opportunity to grow, help other people, travel and affect people’s lives in a positive way. My life has changed with LegalShield. Not only am I able to pay my bills, but because of LegalShield, I am driving a better vehicle and giving back more to my church and my community.

My greatest accomplishment in my LegalShield career is being recognized in the Profiles of Success and being a recipient of the $50,000 Ring. Because of this milestone, I now have a new goal of earning the $1,000,000 Ring and becoming a Millionaire Club Member.