Social Work
This year marks our 20th anniversary as LegalShield Associates.

Our background is in clinical social work, and with LegalShield, we have been better able to empower people through their situations. When we discussed plans for our family, the plan was for Noshima to be a stay-at-home mom. We started our family while I worked hard outside the home, and she worked hard inside the home. Financially, things went great for a couple of years. As the local market changed, so did our income. It came to a point that my wife had become a “fake” stay-at-home mom. When the savings was almost gone, the decision was made that Noshima needed to return to work. This was a tough decision because we wanted Noshima to work as an option, not a need. About one week after making the decision, we were introduced to LegalShield. The income provided by LegalShield allowed Noshima to remain a true stay-at-home mom for many years. Our children, Aiyana and Treyton, are both college students and have reaped the benefits of never having to go to day care. This has been one of the greatest blessings of LegalShield!

When we got started, we were excited about the money we could make as Executive Directors and set that as our immediate goal. We knew LegalShield was the opportunity for us because the membership worked and there was no inventory, as there was with other businesses. We spent $30,000 over a three-year period in another opportunity and never saw a profit. With LegalShield, all we needed were pamphlets and applications. Today, one can just “tap the app” and have resources in the palm of one’s hand. It was unbelievable to us that we could be paid within 48 hours and being paid daily was “icing on the cake.” This changed our finances immediately, and we were eager to share the service and opportunity with other families! The membership is so beneficial—once we explained how it works, people immediately purchased the membership. Our excitement and dedication were so contagious that people wanted to be a part of the team, which grew our business!

We reached the level of Executive Director in 48 days and earned the $100,000 Ring in our first 10 months. Since that time, we have had many years at the Executive Director or above level and have qualified as high as Platinum 2 on the compensation plan. We no longer have money worries. We have been able to tithe more money, help family and invest in our future. The decisions we choose to make today are different from the decisions we had to make 20 years ago. We are rewarded when we empower others to change their lives. Working in social work is more rewarding with LegalShield as a resource and business opportunity. Together, they help us to significantly impact others, empowering them to overcome their situations, dream and obtain the goals they never thought possible.

We thank God for this awesome opportunity and the entire LegalShield family. A special thank you goes to our leadership and team for their hard work and dedication and for allowing us to be a part of their lives! Our business is our ministry. This year, we will continue working hard to empower people, financially, legally, emotionally and spiritually!