Gordon and Delores Darrah have been full-time LegalShield Associates since 1982. “I was interested in making a change from my career,” Gordon remembers. “A friend suggested I consider LegalShield, which at that time had just started doing business in Georgia.”

Gordon comes from a career background of banking, accounting, education, politics, and life insurance. “Without question, the reason I decided to get involved with this company was definitely because of the services offered by LegalShield,” Gordon says.

“What we like best about the opportunity is that the legal service plan industry is a business for the future. Being involved with LegalShield, we are with a leader, a pioneer, and a pacesetter for this emerging industry,” Gordon says.

The Darrahs’ success story began 38 years ago when they made a commitment to this young company.

“We have remained committed to the business,” he says. “We started in group marketing, and now we balance our time as best as possible between our group business and building our network marketing organization. Any success we have obtained has been because of our belief in the product and the company and because of our persistency and consistency in doing the business.”

Gordon’s favorite recruiting technique is to sell the membership by demonstrating the need and the value. “Then recruit from your sale by showing the money to be made with part-time or full-time efforts,” Gordon continues. “New associates need to understand that they need to sell themselves 110% on the membership and work their LegalShield business on a consistent, regular basis.”

Gordon says, “The most amazing thing about LegalShield is how differently people respond to you and to what you are offering to sell them.”

“The LegalShield opportunity has been good to our family for 38 years, and the opportunity is just getting better and better. The best is yet to come,” Gordon adds.

Gordon and Delores’s organization is responsible for selling more than 68,000 memberships, and the Darrahs have written 21,000 of those themselves through group marketing sales.

“Our goal for this year is to remain active in our group and networking business on a daily and consistent basis,” says Gordon.