Business Owner
Before LegalShield, my husband and I owned a traditional business and worked 70 to 80 hours a week. Prior to that, I was a high school teacher. We were first introduced to LegalShield in 1987, but we worked the business for a short time and then got distracted.

Fortunately, we kept our membership, so we received residual income checks even though our whole downline was gone. We reactivated our associate agreement in 1997.

Within three years, we had accumulated more residual income on the books. Not only did we love what we were doing, but we were able to enjoy other interests. We especially loved the fact that we were getting paid on many of the memberships that were written years ago. That’s true residual income.

We loved the standard of integrity the company has demonstrated during its long history. If not for LegalShield, we’d probably be running some traditional business and working too hard.

My husband, Larry, became seriously ill in 2000, and passed away May 31, 2006. His last few years were spent less on business and more on health management. Even so, our business increased in size, and our income continued to grow.

We fulfilled Larry’s dream of moving to Montana. We bought a beautiful home on 20 acres looking out at the mountains. We were able to spend precious time together. We were able to explore every medical cure we could find. We didn’t have to worry about expenses like the mortgage, retirement, or the grandchildren’s college education. Our LegalShield business had us covered.

Our incredible team kept the dream alive, and they became leaders in every sense of the word.

For the last few years, I have been able to travel, including a trip with my daughter, Nidia. I am fulfilling some lifelong dreams. Life is good when LegalShield is a part of it!