In the summer of 1999, we were at a crossroads in our life. We knew that we needed to change the financial course our family was on. We were going broke slowly, and Jeff was miserable at work. Jeff had been a commissioned ladies shoe salesman for 17 years and though he was good at his job, he was miserable.

We both really wanted to own our own business and work together. Our “dream business” needed to have a low cost of entry, market a service as its product and wouldn’t require us to invest in an inventory. Most importantly we wanted a business that we could operate part-time from our home so that Jeff could keep his job as we built up the business. Not surprisingly, we had a difficult time finding a business that fit our parameters.

And then one day, one of Jeff’s shoe customers, Judy Garton, came into the store and invited him to lunch. Over the meal, Judy gave Jeff a brochure about the LegalShield membership and proceeded to literally read the brochure word for word to Jeff. When Judy’s “presentation” was complete, Jeff agreed to purchase a membership to which Judy replied, “Of course you will buy a membership! Eventually everyone will have one! What I want you to do is to consider marketing these plans to others! I think you would be great at this!”

Jeff asked a few questions of Judy to which she replied, “I’m not sure, but there is a business overview in Dallas, Texas, that I want you to come to, and they will answer these questions.”

Then she added, “You will need to invite your wife, Cindy, to come with you. She must see the information with you.”

She followed up with, “Oh and I’ll pick you up in my car and drive you to the meeting”

Reluctantly, we agreed to go. After the presentation, Jeff turned to Judy and told her that before he made a decision that he wanted to “talk to my brothers and see what they thought about it.”

Judy looked at Jeff worriedly and said, “Oh no! You know just enough to mess this up! Let me go get you a video!” She handed us a video called Now is the Time and said, “Just show this to your brothers this week, and if they like it, you can bring them back to the briefing next week”

We then got together with Mike and Shari, David and Sherry and Chris Hughes, for a “master mind” and pizza party. At the end of the meeting, we pulled out the DVD and said, “We have something we would like to show you, and you may or may not be interested.”

When the video was over, Jeff’s brothers said excitedly, “So what’s next?”

We said, “We need to go to the LegalShield meeting in Dallas!”

The next week, Judy proudly walked into that small briefing with the Hughes family in tow. When the meeting was over, we filled out applications and began working our LegalShield businesses that night. The LegalShield business opportunity was the business we had been looking for!

Today, we are still doing what we did back in 1999, showing videos during the week and inviting those interested in learning more to come to a live business overview. This works, and it duplicates!

We are Jeff and Cindy Hughes, and we are just getting started!