Following a family tradition, I was a certified public accountant (CPA) for 15 years. Afterward, I became an entertainment attorney specializing in the music industry in Los Angeles. While working both my LegalShield business part-time, which I started in 1998, and also practicing law, I have achieved in the past the Platinum Executive Director level, been honored with the LegalShield Ring and have been inducted into the prestigious Millionaire Club. These were goals I set from day one and knew that no matter how long each took to accomplish, nothing was going to get in my way! I am proof-positive that anyone who has a job can definitely succeed in LegalShield, even on a part-time basis.

As a CPA, I earned very good money and therefore believed I had made a secure career choice. Over the years though, I realized that my quality of life was not so secure. Subsequently, when I began my legal career, I again saw that I was going down a similar path, i.e., money but not the requisite time to enjoy it.

I always knew though that the network marketing concept and industry was a viable one, but until LegalShield, I never found a company with the right product or service. Everything I had ever seen or marketed before was a “luxury” product in that there were always several competitors in the marketplace offering similar products, usually at lower prices. With LegalShield though, I instantly realized that there was finally a company that marketed a “necessity,” with no real competitors. Furthermore, the LegalShield membership was not marked up like other companies’ products or services but was actually marked down.

Therefore, as an attorney, it was an “either beat ‘em or join ‘em” proposition, and boy, am glad I chose the latter! Sadly, most people will never ever really understand how great it is with LegalShield.

I now no longer trade my time for dollars, as I am no longer in the time-for-money trap! I get paid for results achieved instead of my time invested and this in turn has allowed me to practice as much law or as little as I choose to.

The LegalShield opportunity has also provided me the additional money to purchase my current home—a 1929 Spanish-styled house—and as equally important, the time necessary to completely custom remodel it for some of the things I have always wanted in a home, while at the same time restoring it back to its original appearance and grandeur. Relatedly, I have also traveled in order to further add many great ideas and collectibles to my home.

Recently, I have also been very fortunate to pursue and achieve one of my many passions as an investing partner in a top-ranked craft brewery in Los Angeles called MacLeod Ale Brewery. Unequivocally, there is no way I would have ever had both the time AND money to do this before!

So while being a CPA was a time-honored family tradition, LegalShield has definitely instilled a new one that has positively changed my family legacy, forever.