A little over 10 years ago, I overheard the “If You Were My Attorney” story being told at a community cookout. I didn’t know I was looking for an opportunity, but God knew I would soon need one.

I was working as a paralegal in a six-figure corporate America job and was a first-year law school student when I was introduced to LegalShield. I understood that every individual deserved the right to an attorney and made it my life’s passion to help level that playing field. I was a divorced mother of a then 17-year-old son (my “why”) and when my son was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, my life and goals suddenly shifted.

Between working long hours, going to law school and caring for my son, my days were full. Although I was able to obtain a few material trappings of a successful life, I had no time to enjoy my life. It wasn’t until I landed in the hospital due to job-related stress that I realized I seriously needed a change, so I found time to carve out a few hours a week to do my LegalShield business (lunch breaks and weekends) and after only six months of following a tried-and-true system and great leaders, I was able to leave my job and began a full-time career with LegalShield.

With a committed work ethic and a blueprint for success in the LegalShield system, I climbed the compensation ladder to the Gold Executive Director level. But, as it were, life did what life does; it happened. While in LegalShield, my son’s illness progressed, my father passed, and my business fluctuated; therefore, my income fluctuated. However, I couldn’t allow my current circumstances to dictate my future finances. My reason why could not be my excuse not to. So I made a decision. My conviction became so strong—it changed my philosophy from “whose gonna let me” to “WHO’S GONNA STOP ME!” With a newfound fervor and a team that wouldn’t quit, within three months of making that decision, I was blessed with the SIX-FIGURE RING!

Thanks to LegalShield, my dream to give access to affordable legal services was only deferred but not denied. At the same time, my son was given back a devoted, dedicated, at-home mother; I can accompany him to every doctor’s appointment and support him in ways I never could in my corporate America job. I get to dictate when I work and how much I earn without the constraints of a nine-to-five. For many years, I’ve been able to live life on my own terms!

I thank God for LegalShield; for my sponsor, support and loving husband, Labeeb Abdullah; for my upline Byron Jefferson, Lolita Harrison, Mike Humes and Darnell and Traci Self; for my team and Team NuVision; for my many work-out partners; and last but not least for my son, whom I love dearly, who has the spirit of 1,000 soldiers and who is my inspiration. You are the epitome of a winner.

My goal is to touch as many lives as I can with this LegalShield membership and opportunity. As an individual, I can be successful, but as a team we can be significant!