Real Estate
We are so happy being LegalShield Associates and know we are living the dream!

We moved to Tellico Village in Loudon, Tennessee. We love it here for a number of reasons. The weather is warmer than what we had in Michigan, and there is no snow! Well, we’ve been told that there may be an occasional icy road situation or an inch of snow that is gone by noon, but I think we can deal with that.

We had wondered how it would work when we relocated, and it has been seamless. Network marketing is an amazing concept that has allowed us to move a few states south, enjoy meeting new people and having fun, all while doing our LegalShield business, both networking and group marketing.

Because of the work that we have done over the past 20 years, we are now able to enjoy a great life that allows us time for visiting our children and grandchildren. Also, we enjoy relaxation and activities with new friends in our new area.

We have a wonderful team who are always fun to work with, which helps all of us achieve to the extent we want. We enjoy visiting with them and seeing them at the LegalShield conferences. Zoom meetings have had a big impact on the continuity and growth of the team.

Jim spent 28 years as a head football coach, 10 years at a Division 1 university. After coaching, he did some business consulting for the owner of a large real estate company. He considered buying a franchise for a lot of money but passed on it because he couldn’t be sure it would work.

Eventually he joined The Peoples’ Network and then was introduced to LegalShield in 1998. He became convinced that this was a great opportunity for him and his family. He had asked himself, “What if it does work?” And it certainly has.

The integrity of the Home Office staff and especially the founder, Mr. Stonecipher, also helped Jim make the decision to become an associate.

We feel that people need to know about the services we offer, and we are excited to be the ones to share LegalShield and IDShield with them.

Jim and I met about 17 years ago, and I soon signed up for the membership. Recognizing how much fun Jim was having with this business, I chose to become an associate part-time, along with my busy real estate career. Leveraged and residual income were new to me, but now I enjoy the power of both. Eventually, I joined Jim full-time in the LegalShield business.

This opportunity has meant that we set our schedule on a daily basis. We love being able to work our business productively from home and at the same time work on staying physically fit and doing things with friends. We have always worked in both the networking as well as the Business Solutions divisions and work together and separately on our business.

We look forward to continued corporate growth and will enjoy continuing to grow our LegalShield business.