Jimmy was recruited into LegalShield in May 1999, by Don Bryan after an interesting series of events. He was keynoting the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in his hometown of Montgomery when he became reacquainted with Don. Almost 30 years earlier, Don had functioned as Jimmy’s mentor and father figure.

Jimmy concentrated on recruiting and reached the Director level within 45 days. He journeyed to Ada with five of his recruits, where they immersed themselves in CDLP, group and small business training—all in the same week. Jimmy returned home—and did absolutely NOTHING in the business! He was convinced that his new recruits would make him wealthy while he focused on his travel and event planning business, which he launched in 1999, after resigning from his ministry position.

After 9/11, Jimmy’s travel and event planning business literally dried up, creating serious financial hardships for him and his family. Once again, he contacted Don Bryan and expressed his interest in selling group memberships. When Jimmy began working full-time in the business, he had sold a grand total of only 37 memberships over the course of 37 months! But he plunged headfirst into employee benefit and small business sales in 2002 and fell in love with marketing to groups. He truly believes God has called him into this profession for the explicit purpose of helping people and building a legacy for his family.

Jimmy is indebted to the late Don Bryan for introducing him to this opportunity and the Stoneciphers’ vision. He also appreciates Kathryn Walden and Nick Serba for selecting him as a Group Vice President and Small Business Trainer. He also is thankful for the entire Business Solutions division for streamlining his business as well as the late Ken Moore and Randy and Jeremy Moore for their availability, encouragement and leadership. “My children—Amy, Jim, Taylor and Meg—along with their spouses and our seven precious grandchildren have helped their dad and Papa keep his ‘why’ in perspective. Most importantly my wife, Sherry, continues to be such an encouragement and ally as a partner in building my business, along with serving as my best friend and closest confidant. Although fighting many health challenges the past four years, Sherry and I are more committed than ever to continuing the pilgrimage of equal justice for all. As I continue the activity which leads to attaining the daily, monthly and yearly goals I have set, I focus daily on my motto: Success in LegalShield is inevitable if you do the right things long enough!”

Jimmy is particularly excited with several professional accomplishments in 2019: finishing in the Top 20 in Total B2B Sales for the 16th consecutive year, being appointed to the first-ever Business Solutions Advisory Council, being selected as one of seven Business Solutions Regional Trainers for 2020 and being appointed to the first-ever Benjamin Franklin Society for Solutions leadership. Jimmy has previously served as Senior Vice President for Group Marketing and Small Business Trainer and most recently as Business Vice President for Alabama and Mississippi. He was selected as Group Marketing Co-Trainer of the Year in 2005.