Twenty years ago this year, we signed up as an associate with LegalShield. But we did it just as a favor to a friend. Joan’s background was insurance sales and after three other network marketing companies that failed us prior to LegalShield, we vowed that with this company we would just use the membership and not be involved in the business. All of that changed after we used the membership for the first time, resolving a $92 billing issue with the local telephone company that we had not been able to correct ourselves after three months.

We saw how powerful the membership is for the average American, and Joan started marketing the membership part-time along with her insurance products. Within two years of working LegalShield just a few hours a week, we noticed how considerable the income had become, so Joan decided to get to know the company more.

Mr. Wilburn Smith came to Albuquerque for a meeting and after hearing his testimonial, she went to her first convention, held in Oklahoma City. When Joan visited the LegalShield Home Office in Ada on Main Street (before the new building), she was so impressed with the leadership and atmosphere there, she decided this was a company that had a service she wanted to represent. Since then, we’ve fallen in love with the membership, the mission, the history and the people involved in the company.

LegalShield gives us the freedom to work a business on our schedule. Bill, an electrical engineer, worked full-time with Joan in LegalShield for a number of years, but his love of engineering called him back and now he works from home for S&C Electric based in Chicago.

We have three grown children and five beautiful grandchildren, ages 10 to 3, whom we can enjoy spending time with during the week as well as the weekend! Last year we purchased a 40-foot motor home and are ready to take our business on the road because LegalShield allows us to work from our phones! We love traveling, camping, hiking, 4x4ing and off-roading. We also enjoy water sports. We love to spend time with family and friends. We earned our $100,000 Ring in 2009, and we’ve written over 8,000 memberships so far. We love our life! We have a new home in a great gated community. We have the ability to come and go as we please, to sleep until we’re done, and to travel with the trips LegalShield pays for! But the best part is the friendships we have in this business; they are priceless because we know friends are the family we create! LegalShield is such a blessing. We love sharing the membership and opportunity with others. Glory to God for bringing us this business!