Business Owner

I am an immigrant. When I came to Canada, it was not easy to find a good job if you do not have work experience in North America. I was considered lucky to get a job as a programmer. My colleagues were very nice, and I had worked there for seven years. I left my career after my kids were born. When they grew up, I was too old to be a programmer and had to look for other business. I tried different options, but none could have created enough income to support my life. However, I learned the concept of residual income.

Initially I joined LegalShield because I wanted to get my Will done in 2018. The lawyers have also helped me with many other issues. Prior to that, I had never consulted a lawyer. LegalShield helped me realize how significant legal service can be. It empowers people. I was excited to tell my friends about LegalShield and start the business.

We have a team working together, following the company’s system, learning from leaders and supporting each other, and we were able to help many families. It has been a great and meaningful experience. I reached the Bronze Executive Director level and our team had seven Directors in 2019. It is amazing.

LegalShield is an incredible opportunity that involves helping people, personal growth, making friends and finally achieving freedom. Thank you, LegalShield!