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Real Estate

I bought the idea of the LegalShield product long before I had an interest in the business opportunity. I was heavily involved in my own business, selling a unique vacuum cleaner through in-home sales. Financially, we were doing very well. We had won trips throughout the world and accumulated about 50 real estate properties as an investment. The problem was it became a job and the fun had gone, but the stress was still there.

A friend approached me about LegalShield. He used to be one of my salespeople. He was excited about LegalShield, and I bought it to help him keep his enthusiasm.

My family used the product often. A letter written for me from the law firm saved me $4,086. I eventually saw the opportunity and got involved with the business side six years later. Mr. Stan Livesay talked me into going to a convention, and I was impressed, but I still didn’t plant the flag. The seed, however, did get planted, and it was nourished by Mr. Livesay. What sold me was the keynote speech from Mr. Stonecipher. I knew this was the company I wanted to be with because of his compassionate leadership.

I love the fact that everyone is equally in business for themselves, and the sky is the limit with no politics. The only competition you have is yourself.