In early 2010, our longtime friend Christine Ianotti called us, excited about LegalShield. We told her, “Christine, we have been members since 1996. It is a great opportunity.” She was disappointed because my wife and I were the only people on her list! But we had a successful marriage ministry, authored two marriage books, and were pastors. We were just too busy.

Christine asked us to “help her out” by becoming associates. She said she would “put people under us.” We went to Basic Training on November 6, 2010, and were promoted to Sr. Associate with 50 team sales. We wanted those overrides!

On December 18, 2010, our two sons and I attended a meeting in Jacksonville, where Dave Savula promoted a bonus program ending on December 31. There wasn’t enough time left for it to get our attention, but we still had no real thought of “doing” the business.

January 2, 2011, we had zero registrations for our Five Day Weekend Marriage Intensive. I said, “We are not in trouble yet. It is only the first of the month. God will open a door. If nothing happens by January 31, then we can panic!”

January 7, 2011: Christine calls, “They have extended the promotion until the end of January! You guys could earn money for your ministry!”

We were skeptical. The bonus program sounded too good to be true. But we prayed for three days, talked it over with church leadership, and decided we are going to do this! By January 31, our ministry team had generated seven bonuses! Paid in full! Wow! This company is awesome!

April 2011, at the national convention we were recognized on stage as first-time Executive Directors. We decided to be part of the LegalShield future. It has been a great ride! We never met Harland Stonecipher but are grateful for the legacy he left.

In 2016, we earned the $100,000 Ring. Kathy handled the marriage ministry and helped with LegalShield while I spent every moment on a four-month run working harder than we’ve ever worked in our lives. I only slept six hours during the last three days of June. We were passionate about sharing our testimony and our five-year experience of LegalShield paying on time, every time. For five years, LegalShield has been spectacular. Some believed in LegalShield. Others simply believed in us.

In 2020, we’ll continue to conduct the marriage ministry, helping couples around the world. The message is in our book titles: The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His! We believe that if a man will be the man of her dreams, then she will become the woman of his!

We have enjoyed six all-expenses-paid Performance Club trips. Our daughter Jenifer qualifies as an Executive Director, has enjoyed two Performance Club trips, and is featured as a $50,000 Ring Earner in this edition of the Profiles of Success. Our son Josiah and his wife, Carolyn, are Performance Club Pro and qualified as Executive Directors for eight months in 2019. Our son Chris and his wife, Jennifer, are full-time associates, have earned five Performance Club trips, qualify as Executive Directors, and are featured as $100,000 Ring Earners in this edition! This is truly a family affair—since 2011.