Social Work

Prior to getting involved in LegalShield, I was employed full-time as a social worker. Like most people, I was in search of ways to make extra income. I had done things in the past like cutting hair and selling clothes. I remember one season selling cashews to my co-workers just trying to make ends meet. Like all of my friends, if I wasn’t working, I wasn’t getting paid. Experience has taught most of us that jobs are not designed to provide us with the dream lifestyles we once had as children. To make matters worse, fear and doubt hold most of us hostage until we decide to change our destiny.

When I became an associate, I set a goal. I simply wanted to buy some groceries. In the first month, I just shared the membership with anyone who would listen.

After 12 months or so in the business, my LegalShield income was growing, and I was having an incredible time working with incredibly positive people. I was longing for a vehicle to change our lives and LegalShield was the answer. We began to do well while making a difference in the lives of others who, like my own family, needed this incredible service. It was also equally exciting to be able to share with other families an opportunity that could change their lives too.

It’s hard to describe the feeling that comes over me as I think about the decision we made a few years ago to get involved in spite of the fear and anxiety. My wife and children are happy and well provided for. Today the refrigerator is always full, and we have traveled more in the past several years than ever before. My family is my “why,” and they fuel the burning desire inside me. My mother taught me by example to serve and to give unselfishly. Service to others and having a great work ethic are essential for success in LegalShield.

Today, life is great! We are blessed to be part of this incredible company.

Our founder’s vision is to create equal access to justice for all. This vision has become our mission, giving associates purpose, passion and the personal responsibility to work hard. The leadership of the LegalShield family and the Team NuVision family is more than one could ever expect. I love Team NuVision! Today, we wear the LegalShield Ring because of the unity, work ethic and belief of this incredible organization. We are thankful for the example set by all of our leadership! I am so blessed and thankful to have such a great group of friends made up of so many different organizations, and together we have unified and are one family. But at the core of it all is our faith in God.