I recruited myself in LegalShield after falling in love with the membership. I had a need—a contract worth $60,000—and I thought it was important enough to have a lawyer review it. One of my employees bragged a lot about his legal plan and how much it saved him. He was just a member, not an associate. He told me about the plan. I found some lucky guy’s website, signed up online, saved $1,500 on my contract and got so excited! I thought, “Everyone should have this!”

I sent an email and became a corporate lead for Mrs. Tanya Jerry, who drove from Tampa to Miami and back to make sure I got in front of a good presentation. I got started and hit the Director level 29 days later. My wife and I are now full-time associates.

As a general manager for Toyota, I worked 80 hours per week and missed out on most family activities. But thanks to LegalShield, I now get to have breakfast and lunch every day with my wife, Clari, and kids, Dane, Allegra, Samuel, Joshua and Brianna. I’m always there for them, and I can now plan my work around my family’s schedule. I am so thankful for Mr. Lewis Wynder. I am grateful for Mr. Darnell and Mrs. Traci Self. Thank you, Mr. Rip Mason, Mr. Jeff Bell, the Platinum Council and Harland and Shirley Stonecipher.