For us, LegalShield is a way to build a business, a marriage, a family, and a legacy all at the same time. Life is a gift, and what we do with that life matters. So when we met satisfied members who had used the service for 10, 17, and even 30 years, we knew this company was not a fad. It’s a real viable opportunity that adds value to a person’s life. We wanted to be a part of something significant that filled a long-term need, and for us, it was LegalShield.

With LegalShield as our business, our kids grew up in a success-minded environment that inspires people to reach their full potential. At the dinner table, on car rides, and on long walks, we would talk to our girls about how we were changing lives and creating freedom. We would teach them the Godly principles that fueled our success. They were in an atmosphere of constant growth and personal development, and as a result, they all became incredible leaders. There is so much more value to this business than finances and time. We are changing a family’s destiny! We help people get their lives back.

For instance, because we can control our schedule with LegalShield, we were at every one of our girls’ sporting and school events. We never missed one of life’s precious moments. We were the team parents who traveled everywhere, took the pictures at the games, made the team videos, and created memories! Our family was Team Hoffman. We dreamed together, we strategized together, and we created opportunities together. With LegalShield, we are building a legacy together and passing it on to others, giving others the hope that they too can live the life God purposed.

Because of this business, we have met some incredible leaders who have become family to us.

The work environment is one of growth, excitement, and positive energy.

Everyone helps each other, and whether through their personal network or business network, the opportunities are endless. The associates we partner with all desire a better life with more freedom and more time, and we get to be part of helping them achieve their dreams. What a privilege!

We have three children—Brielle, Brittany, and Paige. Brielle and Brittany are now working with their parents in LegalShield. In 2015, Brielle became the youngest woman in LegalShield to earn the LegalShield Ring, and she did it in her second full year with the company at the age of 26! This is the fruit of what sowing truth and leadership into your kids and your team can do.