For over 25 years, I was in the information technologies industry. I made a great income, but I was always fighting an uphill battle. No matter how hard I worked, the companies I worked for would increase my quota and reduce my commission percentage, requiring me to work more and get paid even less.

Marybeth and I have five children and four grandkids. Having an active role in their lives as they grew into adulthood was more valuable to us than having money or stuff. When I was in corporate America, I found myself having to work through all our family vacations and missing valuable time with Marybeth and the children.

For years I wanted my own business but never found anything I could afford or believe in. A friend asked me to lunch and shared with me some information about LegalShield; it took him three attempts, but when I heard the information, the LegalShield business opportunity made sense to me. After getting some questions answered by people who were successful in the business, I decided to join. I worked my LegalShield business part-time for the first two years, but as my regular job began to change for the worse, I decided it was time to make a change and go full-time.

What I love about LegalShield is that we have multiple divisions that let you work this business the way you want to. We have employee benefits, small business plans, direct sales or team building. The LegalShield compensation plan is great, but unlike my corporate job, LegalShield always looks to make it even better each year.

Working my LegalShield business from home has truly been a life saver. I was able to be around for my kids as they went through high school and college. One of my children was bullied in school and developed severe emotional challenges. If I had not been able to be there for my child through those struggles, she would not be with us today.

Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up!”

Life is full of tests and blessings; you don’t really get one without the other. Our struggles and trials become the very things that develop our character in a way that enables us to have and handle the blessings. If you work hard and never give up (as Churchill said), then you will have your blessing.

I have learned that success is a process. If you skip over the struggles and trials, then you are skipping over the most important parts. My LegalShield business has let me redefine success in life by allowing me to have the balance of making a great living with the time to be the husband, father and grandfather I want to be.

Marybeth and I have a vision to do whatever the Lord asks of us without concern of money or time. LegalShield is moving us closer to that goal.