Cruise Line

For John and Lisa Schiller, LegalShield has become not only their full-time livelihood, but also their passion and one of their greatest blessings.

Lisa had just left her corporate career in business development within the airline and cruise line industry to begin her focus on mentoring children and being a foster parent when a friend from church introduced her to a “business opportunity.” She was not interested in the least, but several months later, she found herself named jointly in a lawsuit against a former employer from one of their clients. After going back to her friend to find out more information, she was presented with the service and immediately saw the value and got her membership. Several months later, after telling many people about the service, she became an associate on a very part-time basis.

Her husband, John, who had his own residential building company at the time, also had the opportunity to use the membership and has always believed in the service that the membership provides. After the housing downturn and difficulty getting payment from customers, John had to close his business and went to work for a commercial building company, but that resulted in a layoff. In January 2006, John made a decision to join his wife in the business, and they together would pursue the business full-time. They were able to earn their $100,000 Ring that first year, and most recently, they earned their $400,000 Ring.

Because of LegalShield, the Schillers have been able to take several mission trips, including multiple trips to South Africa, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. They’ve also been rewarded with numerous incentive trip vacations, compliments of LegalShield! And in December 2017, they were able to fulfill a dream of building an orphanage. They were able to take a 10-day journey to India and open their 50-child orphanage, Angel House, in Bestavaripeta, India, while helping four other families open their Angel Homes. Words cannot describe how humbling the experience was, to be used by God to reach His children. They returned home with a renewed sense of gratitude to be in the wonderful USA, where unfortunately so much is taken for granted.

The Schillers’ goal moving forward is to work with their growing team and help them reach their individual goals, to create more time so they can do the things that God has called them to do, and to introduce this business to others so that they too can make a living while making a difference.

That will enable them to continue to bless others and contribute to the ministries and charities that they hold dear.

John and Lisa would like to give all honor and glory to Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior, for His provision, direction and blessings in their lives.

They would also like to thank their LegalShield family, the Executive Team and Advisory Council, the great legendary associates who have blazed the trails before them, and Mr. and Mrs. Harland Stonecipher, for pursuing their purpose in life that has benefited so many.