Business Owner

Throughout my career, I have been a teacher, coach, entrepreneur and business owner. Lyn has been a school administrator, an active volunteer and is an accomplished artist.

For more than 21 years, we have been able to benefit individuals, families and small business owners by sharing the incredible value of the LegalShield membership. As a result, we continue to enjoy the fruits of our labor because of residual income and the leverage of an active and trained team of associates.

The most gratifying aspect of the LegalShield business is the relationships we have developed. We cherish these connections and the many experiences we have had when traveling, speaking, training and building in cities and towns throughout North America. It is always exciting to know we will encounter friends and hospitality wherever we travel.

Thank you to our amazing Success Partners International team and especially to the many associates who have stayed the course and as a result have achieved the levels of Senior Director or Executive Director or have earned one or more of the prestigious Rings. For those who are in pursuit of these levels, stay the course, be consistent and look to bring service and value to others on a daily basis.

We are starting this new year and decade by moving to New Hampshire to be close to our two grandchildren. This will be our third market to begin building from scratch since beginning our LegalShield journey. As I say in my trainings, we earned our first million in Michigan, our second million in Kentucky and now will complete our third million in New England.

We look forward to another great year with LegalShield, and we wish all associates a fabulous 2020 and beyond. As Jeff Bell frequently says, “The best is yet to come!”