When I was first introduced to LegalShield, I had gone through my second layoff in the telecommunications industry and was starting over. I had been making a great income. Working 80-hour weeks and traveling all the time for my job was normal, and I never took vacations. I was burned out from working all the time for the raises and promotions, basically trading time for money. I wanted to enjoy a meaningful life. After the second layoff, I realized I no longer wanted to put my financial future in anyone else’s hands again. It was time to live life on my own terms instead of someone else’s!

LegalShield is my dream business. Where else can you leverage your time, help others, have fun, be around amazing positive people and make a great income on your own terms? I’ve been Performance Club qualified for over 15 years, which includes many all-expenses paid vacations and the ability to drive luxury cars.

LegalShield has given me the opportunity to live my life the way I want. I can serve my community, enjoy my hobbies and my friends and have a meaningful life. I get to do it all by sharing an incredible service with a unique opportunity! Thanks to tremendous mentors and, more importantly, an amazing team. LegalShield has changed my life forever and the best is yet to come!