Union Representative
LegalShield means that I will never have to rely on an employer for my income. It also means freedom, something that has been elusive my entire life. As a union representative, I was working 60 hours a week, traveling the entire state and staying away from home almost every weeknight. All of this for a salary, which by today’s standard was good but not for the work and hours I was giving.

In 2014, I lost my job. No one wanted to hire me, a union representative for 15 years and no college degree. I was desperate. Daryl Taylor sent me a video. I was hooked. I could see the pumpkin patch developing from a pumpkin seed. I joined in February 2015.

I am most grateful to the Riches’ organization, Mark and Mike. Without their coaching, support and leadership, I would never have achieved this level.

My goals for my future are to never stop until I reach the top. I never want my retired husband to feel the need to return to work. I also want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.