Ever since my first criminal justice class in high school, I always wanted to be a lawyer. I was headed to law school when I decided to take some time off to work with lawyers—and then realized I really did not want to be one.  

Working more than 70 hours a week on salary with skills that did not transition well into other jobs left me on a hamster wheel with no way to get off. I didn’t know there was a possible solution in network marketing until I met a guy who later handed me a worn VHS tape with information about a company that marketed a personal growth and development cable network. Intrigued, I joined in 1998 and ultimately found out they had been purchased by Pre-Paid Legal, now LegalShield. I had no idea something as it existed. I was excited by the concept. Furthermore, it kept me connected with something I felt very strongly about—the importance of the law and being able to access it.  

While it was challenging coming home to a state where we had no plans available to market at the time (Mike Melia offered this advice: MOVE), I started part-time and eventually embraced LegalShield 100%. My belief and conviction that this is the right path for me continues to grow. LegalShield is the vehicle that lets me help others not by being a lawyer, but by being able to give them access to one.