Business Owner
When I was first introduced to LegalShield in 2010, it was the residual income and freedom that attracted me. I’ve had many jobs in my life, but after my first daughter was born, I chose not to work full-time anymore. When I used the membership and it helped me save my home, I saw immediate value and became passionate about empowering others.

The proven system for success makes it possible to work on a part-time basis. It helped me stay consistent for the first five years, advance to Director, qualify for the monthly Performance Club bonuses and earn commissions.

In 2016 when my second daughter went off to college, I decided to take my business to the next level. It was the Ohio convention that solidified my commitment to become an Executive Director and earn the $10,000 bonus. Receiving the $50,000 Ring was the icing on the cake!

My goal is to protect as many families and businesses as possible and surpass 1,000 personal membership sales. The residual income will lead me to the life I desire. On this journey to succeed, I will be able to help others achieve their dreams and goals. I’m extremely proud to be a part of LegalShield knowing that I am making a difference and helping improve people’s lives every day.