Retirement Planning
Justin Peterson began his career in life insurance and retirement planning. Ironically, he would be planning his own retirement from that career two years later. From the outside looking in, he was doing great. But he was always dreading the day ahead of him. Something had to change.

In 2013, Justin subtly committed his spare-time to networking after meeting his first mentor, Chris Jones. After attending an event in which he heard Bob Proctor say the words, “Thoughts become things,” Justin began researching the law of attraction. The combination of these studies and his increasing dislike for his job caused him to make a DECISION and resign from his career in insurance.

Only mere months after leaving his job, Justin’s girlfriend broke up with him over the phone, with no notice or explanation of why. This would turn out to be the biggest blessing he could have ever asked for. While it didn’t feel like it at the time, the white, hot fire it set off in him provided a level of conviction that he had never experienced before. The instant that phone call ended, his “why” changed—and so did his life.

As one story ends, a new one begins. Justin met Nick Odom, who was a full-time college student at Appalachian State University, during a business briefing in which Justin was the presenter. Their unexpected friendship began that night, and to the surprise of both, they would come to make the best of business partners. One day, Nick challenged Justin to a business blitz with only two days left in the month. After 48 sleepless hours and successfully hitting their goal, Justin and Nick’s confidence in their partnership was solidified.

February 1, 2016, Justin and Nick partnered with John and Elizabeth Gardner to create a young movement inside of LegalShield. The vision for what would soon be known as the “Millennial Movement” was not only shared by all four of them but was created in their minds long before it ever came to be. John knew that the release of a mobile app would attract a younger generation, while Justin and Nick knew they could be the ones to attract that generation. The marriage of these two beliefs was nothing short of a divine intervention.

Justin and Nick now work persistently to inspire the Millennial Generation to join their movement, to fight for freedom from student-loan debt, constricting and uninspiring careers in cubicles, sacrificing passions for paychecks, and the suffocating negativity and discouragement of today’s society.

To them, LegalShield represents a vehicle of hope, the means to create a life worth raving about, a service that helps improve our great country, and a platform to rally a generation to be a part of something larger than themselves. Their mission: to further the cause of a Millennial Movement and shift the paradigm of the largest generation on earth, from hopeless and pessimistic, to confident and optimistic.

Justin and Nick’s climb to the rank of Platinum Executive Director was one of the fastest in company history. At the 2016 international convention, Justin addressed all the millennials in the audience by saying, “While our story may be the fastest, I challenge you: Do not let it be the best!”