My husband, Jack, and I overheard an associate, Dave Largent, “exposing” a friend of ours to the business. He didn’t share the business with us because he thought it wasn’t for “us successful people.” We asked him if he had another DVD. We watched it and joined that day.

I was attracted to the business because of the residual income. I already had a stream of residual income as an actress. My husband, Jack, is a successful business owner. He is a celebrity broker, which means he lands celebrities at a lower price than others would pay.

My “why” when I first got started was my charity, CARRY (Coalition for At-Risk Restoring Youth). I wanted to make enough money to give to those kids and have enough time to pour into their lives. After not doing anything in my LegalShield business for the first couple of years, I decided I really needed to plan for the future and reassess my “why”.

In January 2017, I set my heart on earning the $50,000 Ring and being part of the Special Forces by end of year. Thanks to God’s help and some intentional focus, I was able to achieve that. I truly am “just getting started.” I’ve been so blessed that this incredible vehicle has already helped me see so many imaginations come to fruition. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Romans 8:31 says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”