Business Owner

I was a banker, grocer, and eventually a small business owner. I was fortunate to be in front of a major business trend in recycling, which made me a great income. Yet in seven years, I took only one vacation. I started working in personal development and loved seeing the positive changes in people’s lives.

When introduced to LegalShield, my perspective of the legal system was not very favorable. Shortly after I used the services on two issues, it literally saved us over $14,800 in four months, I became excited about our remarkable mission. Our fourth month as associates, we reached the Executive Director level.

I’d like to say we started from inspiration, yet my husband had just lost his business, and we were in a serious financial dilemma. Setting my own schedule with LegalShield has been priceless! If I had been working for someone else, trying to care for my aging father and handling our other life challenges, I would have been fired. I am blessed to work with my AMAZING team nationwide. I now have freedom to travel.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank them for all their efforts! I have great appreciation for Oregon’s leadership, my dedicated mentors, Ken Smith, Patti Davison Smith, plus the world-class support of John and Darcy Hoffman’s Shield Nation team.