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Real Estate

Karl and Robin Noons have been self-employed entrepreneurs for many years. They were conducting seminars as well as owning and operating a real estate company before finding the LegalShield opportunity in 1996.

It wasn’t until a year later, in August 1997, that they decided to take on LegalShield in a very serious manner. “The turning point was when Karl met Harland Stonecipher as a winner of the Chairman of the Day Contest,” explained Robin. “After spending time with Mr. Stonecipher, Karl was absolutely convinced that this was an opportunity that was going to make us a great deal of money.”

For the next five years, Karl and Robin built their organization to a point where they became LegalShield Ring Earners and retired from LegalShield, all the while receiving daily deposits from the efforts of their organization.

“This is the power of network marketing and residual income with LegalShield,” says Robin.

Karl and Robin decided to get actively involved with LegalShield again to help the growth of their organization. Karl and Robin say that LegalShield has enabled them to incorporate this great service and business program into their existing business and has given them the ability to create their own wealth.

The Noons have an organization of 68,000 associates who together have sold more than 331,000 memberships. “LegalShield is an exceptional company. Offering this remarkable service to help people and create income for your family while helping others achieve it as well, this is what sets LegalShield apart and above the rest,” they say.

Karl and Robin have three children and two grandchildren.