What does LegalShield mean to me? It is the opportunity to have ultimate freedom. What that looks like is working where I want, with whom I want and when I want. It gives me the freedom and ability to support five separate charities, plus give more to my church each year.

I am blessed to work my business around my dreams and desires to create a healing and women’s empowerment ministry while becoming an author and international speaker. My life has changed incredibly from working as a registered nurse, selling pharmaceuticals and driving 800-1,000 miles per week. I felt like I was handcuffed to a job, and I only had two weeks off per year.

I was introduced to LegalShield by Charley Simmons, a personal friend, who shared information about the most amazing company that offers a service everyone needs and very few have. I was so impressed with the services and opportunity that I was extremely motivated to do whatever it took to go from part-time to working LegalShield full-time.

Now I have the freedom to travel. I went to Cabo, San Diego and San Bernardino for ministry, to Mackinac Island in Michigan, to Costa Rica for a ministry conference with 14 entrepreneurial women and to Washington D.C. for a dream trip! And I’m still empowering and protecting people throughout Montana and Wyoming with our amazing services.

My greatest accomplishments have been earning the $150,000 Ring in a state with less than a million people, protecting 9,300 families with our services, opening over 200 group accounts, being recognized as the Trainer of the year in 2007, having the honor to serve as a national trainer, empowering women with annual retreats and becoming a Millionaire Club Member. My goals are to build an organization of consistent producing associates who live a life they desire, earn the $200,000 Ring and leave a legacy to empower others to not die with their music left inside them.

My encouragement for others is that if I can accomplish what I have in a state that requires a license to sell LegalShield, with a population of only a million people in the fourth largest geographic state, then anyone can do it. I am grateful and blessed to have had this amazing opportunity to bless others, and I have created the most loving extended family in LegalShield with relationships across the country.