Prior to LegalShield, I was an educator in one of the largest inner-city school districts in Atlanta. I was dissatisfied with the money and lack of freedom with my job. I was introduced to the opportunity by Alistair Edwards and began my business on a part-time basis. I continued to teach while building my business for four years. In 2015, after having my baby girl, I went full-time in LegalShield! LegalShield has given me the opportunity to be home with my baby girl and attend all my son’s school functions.

I would like to thank my husband, Bryce, and my children, Christopher and Joi, for their support, love, sacrifices, and being my “why.” Thank you, Mr. Alistair Edwards, for giving me a great foundation. Thank you, Mr. Ron Green, for your constant servant leadership. Thank you, Mrs. Nakeeta Tucker, for being a great mentor, stretching me to achieve beyond what I think is possible, telling me the hard things and being a true example of a MOM BOSS. I am so grateful to my amazing team and look forward to helping them have massive success. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Darnell Self, Mr. Michael Humes and the Team NuVision family, for your servant leadership, dedication and guidance. Lastly, thank you, Jeff Bell, for embracing the vision and mission of LegalShield. I look forward to the massive success that will come!