We are so grateful for our LegalShield journey! We started out wanting to make an extra $500 a month to add to our income. Our plans were to move out of our cramped apartment into a house, but every time we tried to save money, it seemed to go in the opposite direction of our dreams, goals and aspirations.

We began praying for ways to make additional income without punching another time clock. Our prayers were soon answered when a friend of ours from church shared LegalShield with us. The investment at the time was $49. We immediately jumped on it!

After being with the company for one year, the additional income allowed us to go from renting to owning. This accomplishment not only allowed us to stretch our vision, but it helped us to help others do the same. In the beginning stages of our journey with LegalShield, because we had a background in sales and social work, it was hard for us to fully appreciate the opportunity. If someone would have told us, “If you work hard and build your business, you’re going to make six-figures in one year,” we would not have believed them. If they would have said, “You’re also going to become Millionaire Club members,” we still would not have believed them!

The only thing we knew to do was not to give up. Early on, we decided that giving up would not be an option for us. We were going to see this all the way through. Yes, there were times we felt like quitting, but we didn’t. Yes, we’ve been tested, but we found out it’s through the test we’re developing into the kind of people needed in order to win the victory. We began to figure out quickly that if we stick and stay, we’ll get our pay! We honestly believe that what we’ve gained from being a part of LegalShield and IDShield has been more valuable than silver or gold.

We’ve met some of the best people to spend time with. We’ve had the opportunity to have been mentored by some of the very best. We can’t even begin to name them all. We can only say thank you for the wisdom you’ve embarked upon us. We also have an incredible team which goes without saying. We’re more than a team, we’re family. We are confident the best is truly yet to come for each and every one of you.

Last but certainly not least, in loving memory of our LegalShield parents, Dave and Bev Savula, our hearts are overjoyed that we had the opportunity to spend time together. They were the best coaches on the planet in our opinion. The things we’ve learned from them goes beyond our business. It will carry us through to the end of our lifetime, and our prayer is that we can take what we’ve learned and continue to pass it onto others. Thank you, Dave and Bev, for teaching us how to have a winning heart!